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Click on one of the links below to open sermon notes or listen to a sermon.

A Heart for the Lost   04-07-2019         Audio  - Sermon Notes

Reaching Unreachables    03-31-2019          Audio  (some audio imperfections)

Wisdom from God    03-24-2019          Audio  - Sermon Notes

Flourishing in His Courts 03-17-2019 - Audio  - Sermon Notes

God's Word - My Delight 03-10-2019 - Audio  - Sermon Notes

God's Word - My Weapon 03-03-2019 - Audio  - Sermon Notes

Way of Escape - The Armor 02-24-2019 - Audio  - Sermon Notes

How Long Oh Lord Sunday Feb 17 2019 - Audio - Sermon Notes

God's Love Through Us 08-19-2018 - Audio - Sermon Notes (In memory of Norbert Krohn)

Amazing Grace  07-16-2018 -  Audio

Strength for the Future Audio - Sermon Notes

Living Beyond Our Potential  Sermon Notes

Hearing the Voice of God Audio - Sermon Notes

Is Your Faith In God - Ron Testa  Audio

Pastor Timothy -  Audio 08-18-2013    Audio 09-01-2013

The Reward is in His Hand Audio - Sermon Notes

The Hunter - David Wilkerson Audio (you are precious to God)

The Prodigal Son - Pastor Harry Audio   05-08-2016