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What We Believe


The ministries of our church are varied. We have specific ministry geared for our children, as well as things for our complete church body in the areas of worship, hospitality.

Children's Ministry - Our children's ministry consists of a Sunday school class for our children during our main Sunday service three or four times a month. Once a month the children join their parents for the entire service in the main sanctuary.
The age range for our Sunday school is four years old to fourth grade but we do have some older children as well.

Worship - Our worship team currently consists of people from different age groups, all with varied talents and abilities. Our goal is to worship and glorify our Father in heaven and to help others to do so as well through the vehicle of music.

Hospitality - Another one of our church ministries is that of hospitality. After our Sunday morning services we provide simple refreshments in our church hall to encourage people to stay and get to know each other. We see times of fellowship, where brothers and sisters can just sit, talk, and encourage each other, as important parts of the church service.

Outdoor Movies - Our church has a very unique summer ministry of showing Christian movies on a large outdoor screen. We do about 20 showings from the end of June to about mid September. If would like to be notified by email of showings just let us know. Just use the prayer request link. (all mailings are sent "blind copy" - your address is not visible to other recipients)
One movie we show a few times is The Jesus Film which has been translated into over 1000 languages and viewed by hundreds of millions of people.